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The FS600 industrial 3D printer provided by Flythinking is an advanced type, cost-effective industrial 3D printer.The large industrial 3D printer is design for the large size 3D printing model,it common used in factory or manufacturers.The size of industrial 3D printer is very big ,so it can be applied to large size print works. The 3D printer is sold by close packing and is not required to be installed by the customer.With the full metal body,the best rigidness and weight of industrial 3D printer guarantee it is high precision printing.And the large industrial 3D printer also uses double screw structure to guarantee the high print resolution.The large industrial 3D printer adopt new completed closed structure which can guarantee the internal temperature of the platform at the time of printing,it will make more exquisite workmanship and elegant design.And the structure of the 3D printer is stable,reduce the machine resonance,sufficient dustproof and anti-interference, the sealing effect is good, won't make the noise.The large industrial 3D printer uses professional nozzle design, and produced with different technics, not easy to plug.
Moreover, this large industrial 3D printer possess a large size printing area can print big size works.With big printing size and printing area can reach 600*600*600mm,you can print large models or instrument at will and it can ensure the integrity and practicality of printed work.Supporting for blackouts continued printing and offline auto printing, it is good for easy to print big model.
The operation difficulty of this 3D printer is quite low, the computer operational software like Cura can operate in a different language and very easy to understand and control, the printer operation interface in English is easy to learn and use.The color touch screen can display the printing speed and the printed time, and can clearly know the completion time of the printed work.The machine bed temperature can be adjusted, the heating of temperature is fast, the electric current is small, the safety performance is high, can reduce the plastic material printing the edge deformation condition.
The FS600 industrial 3D printer is commonly used in many fields such as the industrial manufacturing, crafts, living supplies,household items,architectural design and medical domain.The printed model is exquisite, and we pay more attention to the fineness and completeness of the printed work than other suppliers’ 3D printer on the market.
Flythinking provide the tutorial and installation instructions of 3D printer, please visit Flythinking for details.
Product parameters Print Specification
Machine Size: 1090*870*1025mm Printing Size: 600*600*600mm
Package Size: 1140*920*1180mm Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.4 mm
Gross Weight: About 170kg Suitable Filament : PLA
AC Input: 95-230V, 50-60Hz Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Power: Max 200W Nozzle Quantity: 1
Input Format: STL,G-Code,obj,AMF Nozzle Diameter: 0.5mm
Nozzle Temperature: 0-260℃(Suggest below 240℃) Print Speed: 1-200mm/s(Default 50mm/s
Operational software: CURA Moving Speed: 150mm/s
Operating System: WIN XP 7/8/10,MAC,LINUX and UNIX Positioning Accuracy: Z axis:0.002mm,XY axis:0.01mm
3D Design Software: SolidWorks/PRO-E/UG etc. Print Accuracy: axis<0.5mm
Manufacturing technology : FDM
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