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Shanghai Yifu Packing Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with more than 150 staffs and we are a production enterprise. We specialize in the development, produce and sales of various packaging materials. The registered capital of company is RMB 50million. Our factory is a Class A company that meets the national food packaging standards and have passed QS, ISO9001, SGS and FDA, Disney certification
Our factory has five automatic high - speed film blowing machineshas, several high-speed computer automatic chromatic printing machines, dry compound machines, high speed full-function bag making machines, slitting machines and other equipment. We are also equipped with advanced inspection equipment to ensure that the production process can operate in a state-of-control. All products are printed with no benzene and no ketone inks, making the products safer and more environment-friendly. Our company produces all kinds of plastic packaging bags and automatic packaging film professionally. The products are widely used in clothing, food, and daily packaging. Our mainly products are: PVA water soluble bag, clothing bags, food bags (film), high barrier multi-layer co-extruded film, easy tear film, retort pouch, frozen bags, open skylight bags, cosmetic bags (film), aluminum foil bags, zipper stand-up pouch, pesticide bags, nozzle stand-up pouch, shaped pouch, kraft paper bags etc.
Our company integrates research, design, plate making, printing, compounding, slitting, bag making and inspection. We have a wider market benefit from the quality products and first-class services. Our current customers are: Wal-mart, Disney, Uniqlo, Unilever, Procter & gamble, Feidiao Electric appliance, Nissin Food, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, BreadTalk, Uni-President, Tongji Biological, Morita Cosmeceutical Facial Mask.
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My E-mail:
Tel: +8613764544113
Wechat: 13817855593
Whatsapp: +8613764544113
TM: shyifu
Website:, White Kraft Paper Bag With Handle

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